The history of Medellin has made of this city famous around the world. In many cases this popularity has come as a result of social and political distress. However, nowadays Medellin has become well known for its commitment to entrepreneurship, culture and art. Added to this, Medellin is one of the largest cities in Colombia, with a population close to 4 million citizens.  Amazingly enough the population of Medellin is mixture of people from different cities of Colombia, the world, and locals. Medellin is one of the most popular cities in Colombia for those wanting to do business. The city itself is widely recognized a business hub and must-see for anyone visiting Colombia. Companies and entrepreneur setting operations in Colombia, Medellin is a great choice to have office space.

If you live in Colombia or are visiting the area, Visiting Medellin will show a different side of the country. Now, if what you are looking for is a city to have your operation, you do not need to continue looking. Medellin has always been one of the most influential cities in Colombia and Latin America, and many investors and entrepreneurs have made it their home.

Medellin offers history and an urban lifestyle that not many cities can offer. If you are in Medellin and you decide to get to know more about live in small town, you will always be one hour away from a small town experience. But if you want to visit large malls and have fun, Medellin also offers large malls such as El Tesoro and Santa fé, where you can enjoy  good food and shopping.

Fortunately, Medellin has a great option for office space for entrepreneurs who want to visit the city or live in Medellin. ESPACIO is the most convenient option for office space in Medellin. As an entrepreneur setting your operations in Medellin will give your company exposure and great location to live in.