When someone is looking for an office space that surpasses common expectations there are several aspects that need to be considered. Office spaces are conventionally dull and boring, but something that surpasses expectations will provide to the users a fun and relaxed environment to work in. In this blog article we will consider working in El Poblado and how this ecosystem can help you as entrepreneur.

As we mentioned before, office space that surpasses expectations will often have different characteristic that set it apart form other options. The location of your office will help the atmosphere within your office. If you are currently located in a busy area of the city, where insecurity reins you will probably work under a lot of stress. Having your office space in an area such as El Poblado in Medellin will save you from a lot of stress. Added to this, El Poblado area has a very well structured transportation system from and to anywhere in the city. Security is not an issue either, this area has always enjoyed from a well-integrated community that collaborates on this and many more issues.

Now, if you are looking for appropriate space for your company and your employees you should also consider the comfort that your office space provides. Having a good chair can make your work experience much more rewarding than an uncomfortable spot.

The final aspect that you should consider is the people that you could be working with. It is clear that people that work around driven entrepreneurs will tend to learn more from their conviction to work. In El Poblado, and specifically in ESPACIO, there is a great group of entrepreneurs that can motivate others to grow and to share their experiences.

All these aspects combine make of El Poblado one of the best option for someone to have their office space. Comfort, safety and great networking are the most important reasons.