Colombia, and in particular Medellin has become in recent years one of the most attractive destinations in Latin America. There are many reasons for this. Medellín is one of the biggest cities in Colombia, which has a vibrant culture that locals and foreigner fall in love with. The city is also widely recognized for its entrepreneurial spirit and it continuous growth in terms of mobility, social equality and economic stability. All of these factors make Medellin the perfect place to do business and live. One of the most popular areas in Medellin is Parque LLeras. ¨El Lleras¨ as locals call it, offers locals and visitors an area to work, eat and party.

If you live in Medellin or are visiting the area, you need to visit Parque Lleras. Now, if you live in Medellín and are looking for the best location to have your office, do not look any further. ¨El Lleras¨ has become one of the most influential areas in Medellin, as investors and businessmen have found it the best spot to meet local and foreign clients.

Around ¨El Lleras¨ you can find well-known stores such as Juan Valdez, which offers one of the best coffees in the city, and international brands like Hooters. Just two blocks away there are residential areas, hostels and top quality hotels.

Luckily for foreign and local businessmen there is a great option for office space. ESPACIO is Medellin´s most convenient option for office space in Parque Lleras. The benefits of having office space in Parque Lleras are self-evident: great location, excellent dining options, multiple transportation options, and safety.

If you are someone who already lives in Medellín or if you are visiting the city, and you are considering doing business, we suggest you seriously consider the benefit related to having office space in Parque Lleras.